Biomed days

The Biomed Days aim to share seminars, visits and professional experience between our three Universities.



Different topics related to the Engineer’s position in the biomedical ecosystem will be illustrated by the following three main aspects:

  • Biomedical technologies / industry
    products development, pharma, device, IT
  • Clinical aspects
    health economics, (pre)clinical test, CRO, ethics
  • Value-creation and legal environment
    IP, certification, norms, SPF santé

by invited speakers originating from academic world as well as from the industry.

Complementary activities

Beside these seminars, the students are invited to participate to the following activities (attendance is required depending on the student’s affiliation):

19th National Day on Biomedical Engineering on Friday November 29th 2019

for the ULB students (mandatory):

registration will be done automatically

for UCL/ULg students (optional):

You can register for the National day here: